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Le Laboratoire du Solvirex was founded in 1933 by Jules Gesteau.
Born on May 31 of 1871 in the North-West of France, Jules Gesteau graduated as a “First Class Pharmacist” in 1900, and settled in Paris, Avenue Bosquet.

During World War I, he is mobilized and becomes pharmacist in a field hospital, built close to the battle front, near the Château de Courville.

In this hospital, medicines and surgical equipment are scarce. Hygiene conditions are catastrophic. The bar soaps used by surgeons in-between two operations are the main vector of cross contamination for the wounded soldiers. Jules Gesteau comes up with the idea of formulating a surgical liquid soap, in order to replace the bar soaps used by the medical staff.

The « Codex Formula Liquid Soap », now called Solviclean, is born.

When the War ends, Jules Gesteau returns to his pharmacy in Paris.

In 1929, his classmate Goris asks him to start manufacturing this liquid soap again, in order to supply the AP-HP (Paris Group of Hospitals). A bigger plant is needed, and he purchases industrial premises in Montrouge (south of Paris). He creates the Laboratoire du Solvirex in 1933 to develop this activity and manufacture simple, effective and respectful products for both patients and caregivers.
His son Paul, and then Philippe, his grandson, will continue in this way.

Today, le Laboratoire du Solvirex has grown, diversified, and became a reference in French hospitals for skin hygiene. The company has been awarded the « Living Heritage Company” label (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant).

It is led by Isabelle Auriol-Gesteau, Jules’s great-grand daughter.

The production is still taking place in Montrouge, and the company is certified ISO 9001  and ISO 13845



Solviclean - Sterile liquid soap

Hypoallergenic liquid soap - 10ml sterile single doses

Hypoallergenic liquid soap, manufactured through a unique and traditional saponification process. Coconut oil based mild soap, without perfume, dye, thickener, or preservative. Formulated to minimize allergy risks. Indicated for fragile or irritated skins.

  • Tested and validated as non-sensitizing product by specific dermatological tests.
  • Liquid formula, foams abundantly, spreads well on the skin and easily rinsed.
  • Sterile single-dose conditioning, for a convenient and safe use.
  • Ideal for skin, wounds and mucous membranes cleansing.
  • Resistance to contamination validated by Challenge Test.


Indications: Umbilical cord care and newborn hygiene, skin cleansing before antisepsis, wound cleansing, pre-sounding hygiene, pre-operative shower, ostomy hygiene.

Packaging: 10ml sterile single doses, (box of 60 doses).


Laboratoire du Solvirex
23 avenue de la Paix 92120 Montrouge, FRANCE
Tel. +33 1 46 56 92 93 |

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